Bag’em Fishing Charters

Spring 2016 Fishing Report

Looking forward to more Orlando fishing charters in the spring time 2016!!  Typically this is my favorite time of year to be fishing. The weather is nice and cool, the water levels are lower, the water is crystal clear, and the fish are well schooled up.  If the winds cooperate it can make for some of the finest fishing the state of Florida has to offer.

Orlando Redfish TripsThe Indian River is consistently producing schools of the larger Bull reds and Black Drums. Fish are averaging from 20-35 pound range. There are also plenty of slot size and over slot size fish in the mix. It is not uncommon to see schools of 50 to 100 fish or more!!

Mosquito Lagoon will also be on fire. I typically average around a dozen redfish per trip as well as plus size trout. When the fish are nice and calm nothing can beat a well placed live shrimp. Fish will be actively taking artificial such as DOA shrimp, paddle tails and DOA crabs. Johnson silver minnow is a go to lure in many cases especially with windy days. They are easy to cast with strong winds and even easier to fish.

Orlando Redfish GuideThe black drum fishing in Mosquito lagoon has been phenomenal and easy to catch that is if you can find a school to yourself or get on them before everyone else starts fishing them. Live shrimp or chunks of crab is always a sure bet. Berkeley gulps work well and are easy to cast without worrying about throwing them off. DOA crabs are also a very effective lure when fished slowly. Fly fishermen should use a shrimp or fly pattern and use quick short strips in order to entice a bite. Remember the water will still be cool and the fish will most likely be more apt to take something that doesn’t require a lot of energy to catch.

Book your Orlando fishing charters trip in advance as my availability is quickly running out. Call Capt. Bucky at 407-977-7650