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Winter Fishing Report

Fish Orlando Florida:  Winter is here and despite the cooling temperature the fishing couldn’t be hotter here in East Central Florida, just east of Orlando. As the water levels drop and the water cools the clarity greatly increases allowing for amazing sight fishing this time of year. Most days start out cold and as the sun rises and warms up the flats the fish are soon to follow. Most fish, especially the big trout, will be lying in sand pockets waiting to strike anything that accidentally enters their territory.

Indian River Fishing GuideRedfish are beginning to gather in large school and will remain that way for most of the winter and spring time. While in these school redfish compete for food and become increasingly aggressive. This is one of my most favorite times to throw artificial. Silver spoons, DOA Shrimp or Shad Tails, and especially flukes tend to be the artificial lures of choice. Top water bites can be especially good early in the morning just try not to work the bait to fast as fish tend to be cold and a bit lazy.


Trout fishing is starting to really heat up and it’s one of my favorite things to do. Trout will start to school up as well and take over any sand pocket that is available. It won’t be uncommon to see dozens of trout in one sand spot. Trout tend to be very spooky so I like to use light line around 10 to 15 pound test, so I can maximize casting distance. I also love using soft plastics to catch these fish. Soft plastics tend to land lightly in the water and don’t spook these fish as much. If you have wide open sand flats I like throwing MirrOdines and MirrOminnows as you can cast them really far and get super aggressive strikes. Just try to match the hatch.

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Black drum can be found all over the flats and if not pressured can be a fun and easy to catch. I prefer to cast live shrimp on a 2/0 mutu owner circle hook. When the fish are being picky I like to bite the tail off of the shrimp just to give off a little more scent in the water. I also like throwing gulp shrimp on a circle hook. Chunks or blue crab are also very effective, especially for the larger drum. A small shrimp or crab pattern fly is what I like to throw. I like to make very small and quick strips and this will usually result in a hook up. Black drum are ranging from 5 to 15 pounds, but occasionally I am finding them upwards of 25 -35 pounds.

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